How To Activate Call Transfer Setting In Your Smartphone

Introduction :

Hello friends today in this article I will show you how to activate call transfer process in your Android smartphone easily. Well this process is you can use for any number call which mobile is already damaged and you can’t pick up the phone from this handset then you can transfer your calls to another mobile which is your second mobile in your home.

This setting is can help to pick up all the calls which is your already missed for your previous mobile reason you can get and talk with the numbers which is you are missed already.

After setting of this phone call transfer all the calls which is already rejected here you can receive and talk with them easily from your second mobile phone and it’s absolutely free so without wasting any time let’s get started.

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So now first of all you need to install a small application in your Android smartphone to turn on or activate the setting easily and it’s available on Google Play Store just click on the download button below and you can get the application and then follow all the process provided in next paragraph.

Procedure :

Install the application click on the download button and then you are automatically redirected in Google Play Store just click on the install button and open this application.

Then allow all the permissions which is want and then put your mobile number to turn on the service and all the settings you have to do from your first mobile device to transfer the calls to your second mobile device.

Now after activated your all calls are transferred to your and other mobile devices and you can pick up all the calls easily from your another device.

In future if you want to deactivate this then again you have to put your mobile number and click on the deactivate button also you can check the status to click on the status button.

To install the application click on the download button above.

Thank you so much.

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