How To Get WhatsApp Online Alart

Introduction :

Hello everyone do you know you can get WhatsApp online alert activity for every WhatsApp online or offline for your contact number.

To using this WhatsApp online activity alert it is very easy to use to chat with your special person or any friends or family person who are active in real time.

From here you can receive both type of notifications for online and offline in WhatsApp and it is very simple steps just one time setting and then in future it will automatically work.

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How To Install This Apps :

So now let’s talk about the installation process of this application well there are two ways to install this app and both are very simple steps so just follow this.

The first step are you can install this app from Google Play Store directly so just open the Play Store app and search WhatsApp online activity then it can be install.

The second process are you need to install this app to click on the download button below and you’re redirect from here to Google Play Store and install this app.

Procedure :

After installation process open the application and allow all the requirement permissions and then you can see the mobile number box so just type the mobile number or you can select from your contact list.

After select the number just click on sign in button and it will activated now in future when this number are online then you will get alert from WhatsApp.

Also when this person are offline or close the WhatsApp then you will get notification in real time and it is working very properly.

I hope it can help you to get real time WhatsApp online activity alert to chat with your favourite person. that’s all my dear friends thank you so much.

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