How To Find Free WiFi Near My Location

Introduction :

Hello friends if you want to find free wifi near my location or any public Wi-Fi network then you can try this amazing Android app for easily find public free Wi-Fi network nearby your location.

Just you have to open this app and turn on your location and easily find all the Wi-Fi network connections in your location which is available.

Also there are available private Wi-Fi network but this are password protected so you can’t join that network but if you take membership then can use this wifi network via contact the network owner.

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If you have any queries then you can put down the questions in the comment section and I think I will help you to use this application properly.

If you want to provide mobile tips and tricks related topics or ideas then also provide in the comment section or send via email. I will try to create content in future as your suggestion.

So now let’s talk about the mobile tricks to connect public Wi-Fi network and the first step are you have to install an apps in mobile then apply some settings to get the Wi-Fi connections.

How To Connect Public WiFi :

Click on the download button below to install this app and you are redirect on Play Store.

After installing this app then open it and apply some settings and turn on the feature to get connectivity of Wi-Fi.

Now accept all the needed permissions and turn on the location service for locate your current map and get the all public Wi-Fi connections in Google map.

Some colour symbols are applied for good quality network and excellent quality networks which is showing on the map and you can find out the home location wifi connections.

Just you have to select any network and add this also you can visit this location where are available very good network to use.

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