Lock Your Whatsapp Account To Secure Whatsapp Data

Introduction :

Hello everyone today I will show you a new WhatsApp trick which is very useful to save your WhatsApp data with anyone.
if someone want to see your WhatsApp messages and details then you can use this setting to lock your WhatsApp application.

After using this application don’t anyone open your WhatsApp account to see your messages or any data which is available in your WhatsApp account.
if anyone open your WhatsApp then it can show error message of WhatsApp application crash or any error.

So easily you can open this application via provide your secret password which is unlock your WhatsApp application to use this feature.
let’s see how you can do it and what is the process to apply this setting in this article today I will provide you all the details all the steps.

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You can provide your question or queries if you have any doubts regarding this setting I will definitely try to help you.
Because this setting is very useful and very easy so don’t worry I will tell you all the points.
Still if you face any problem then definitely you can contact me.

Also you can put your ideas or suggestion if you have any new tricks for Android then definitely you can provide your comment in the comment section.
as soon as possible I will try to check your comment and reply to or try to improve your technique and provide you as your suggestion or ideas.

To apply this setting you need to install an application in your Android smartphone which is local application for any application you can use this.
so click on the download button below after 15 second when the download button is activate.
and follow all the following points and steps provided in the next paragraph.

Procedure :

First of all click on the download button above.

Install the application from Google Play Store.

Open the application directly from Google Play Store.

Allow all the permissions which is want from the application to work properly.

Provide as your choice lock password aur pin code to unlock your application.

You can set as your own choice customisation from this application.

Select any application which is want to lock.

Now click on the back button and open the selected application which is you are locked.

Now you can see an error message and crash the application screen.

Just you have to click on the force stop button and hold the button.

Now you can see pincode screen just you have to provide your pin code password.

Now the application was open and you can operate this easily.

Well this setting is very awesome and definitely you don’t know.
So you can try this and I hope you like it.

Thank you so much.

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