OnePlus 12 And OnePlus 12R Global Launch Date Confirmed

The OnePlus 12 And OnePlus 12R Global Launch Date has been confirmed by OnePlus. Actually, the OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R models were supposed to be launched between December and February.

When was OnePlus 12 launched?

OnePlus 12 And OnePlus 12R Global Launch Date in China on December 5 and the India launch date is January 23, 2024, confirmed OnePlus China Head Lee Jie Lewis.

Not only this but with the launch of OnePlus 12 and 12R, OnePlus will complete 10 years of the smartphone company in the smartphone industry in January 2024.

To get more details about OnePlus 12, OnePlus 12R, you can visit the official website of OnePlus.

What is the Indian price of OnePlus 12 256?

Indian price of OnePlus 12 256GB is not announced yet and in this case we can guess that after seeing all the features and specifications this mobile can launch in the budget of 60 to 65 thousand and we can’t say for sure until it launches. in the Indian market.

OnePlus 12

Is OnePlus a Chinese company?

OnePlus is not a Chinese company, OnePlus mobiles are manufactured in China, all its parts and designs are configured to make OnePlus models, just like in India, OnePlus mobiles are launched in the Indian market.

So in that case, it cannot be said that OnePlus is a Chinese company because all its parts are manufactured in China, as in other countries of the world, OnePlus mobiles are manufactured and delivered to the market in that country.

OnePlus 12 And OnePlus 12R Global Launch Date and India price?

Now let’s talk about the price of OnePlus 12 And OnePlus 12R Global Launch Date in India. If you think that the price of OnePlus 12 series will be the same as OnePlus 11 series, then it will be completely wrong.

Because in the case of new two mobiles, the features and everything is being updated so much especially the new features of OnePlus 12R which is one of the best than before.

As the first time OnePlus 11R was launched at a price of 3999/-, this time it seems that there may be a difference of more than five to ten thousand rupees from it in terms of features and all aspects.

If we talk about the price of OnePlus 12 then it can be expected to be priced around 65 thousand because if we think about its features and other options, its price will also be close to the Indian market price demand.

OnePlus 12

OnePlus 12 Specifications :

Let’s talk about some of the specifications of OnePlus 12 like what features are available in it.

Display & Processor :

OnePlus 12 will be launched with a 6.82 inch QHD+ 2k oled display which will support 120hz refresh rate.

The processor of this mobile will be Snapdragon 8 gen Soc, 50 mp Sony LYT 808 camera will be the main camera. Periscope lens will be used 64 mp of which will support 3x telephoto zoom.

In addition, the third generation of Snapdragon 8 is being used. The processor of this model of OnePlus is going to launch with this processor for the second time after iqoo 12 as a processor. Yes but not to say Real Me GT5 Pro may be launched anytime and may be using the same processor.

With this brightness it will be great to use outside the house and very clear images can be seen on the mobile screen which will be a different experience.

Also, another thing was announced when this OnePlus 12 mobile was launched in China, it was said that since this mobile is waterproof, we can go out and use it even in the rain.

But sometimes water drop in rain takes touch in the screen. But in case of this mobile, that problem will not be there, we can use it in normal water without any problem.

OnePlus 12

Battery & Colour Variant :

Its battery is 5400 mah which will support 100w power and also support wireless charging and 500w.

But we will see new color variants of OnePlus 12 and 12R models as here we know about three color variants.

The first color is a dark green marble finish that has been very popular since the beginning. There is also a white color variant which looks very attractive, there is also a black color option.

One thing that is very attractive about this mobile is the brightness of the screen, it will support a maximum brightness of 4,500 nits.

OnePlus 12R Specifications :

So let’s talk about the OnePlus 12R because I know you all have been waiting for it because the OnePlus 12R model will be slightly cheaper than the OnePlus 12.

In fact, it can be said that the discussion about the OnePlus 12R mobile started from the last three to four months and various information about this mobile was coming in front of us.

So it sounds like the OnePlus Ace 3 mobile launched in China will be launched in India with the exact same features as the OnePlus 12R and that means everything will remain the same.

The OnePlus 12R is also listed on its own official website and provides all the information about it.

OnePlus 12R Processor :

Snapdragon Gen 2 is used as a processor in OnePlus 12R, which is definitely a step ahead of its predecessor and will be more powerful and better performance than before.

But not only in the processor but also many other small things will be upgraded. Compared to the previous version of OnePlus One Plus 11R, many new features can be seen in OnePlus 12R.

Display & Body :

OnePlus 12R will feature a 6.7-inch 1.5k OLED display with a maximum refresh rate of 120 Hz. Also, the curved display type glass will be used in the display with 3000 nits+ peak brightness.

If this amount of brightness is used on any screen, even outside the room, then it is understood how clear the image can be seen in the display and how much fun it will be to use the mobile and a different experience can be obtained while watching any video.

The first time the OnePlus 11R model had the same build but the framing was plastic but this time the OnePlus 12R mobile will feature a glass frame due to which the entire phone will have a premium feel to it which will feel really awesome.

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Battery & Camera :

If we talk about the battery, the first time the mobile was given a battery of 5000 mah but this time it will be updated to give a battery of 5500 mah which will last for a longer time and also a 100 watt fast charger will be given which will fully charge the mobile very quickly.

Finally, the biggest update that I think has been given is in the camera where it still has the same 50 megapixel camera as before with a 32 mp telephoto lens and 2x optical zoom lens which is really amazing and that will be understood only after testing. That’s how good its performance is compared to before.


Today we know the launch date of the OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R smartphone and all the features and specifications of the two mobiles along with the price of these two mobiles and what new features are provided in these two mobiles compared to the older versions of the mobiles. Also if you have any question please comment below.

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