How To Setup Mobile Home Screen

Introduction :

Hello everyone if you want to customise your mobile phone and you want to look better of your smartphone then you should try this amazing custom Android homescreen setup which are really awesome.

This Android customisation setup are look like sky blue flower combination and all icons are sky blue colour safe with fix background size and some widget included which are increase beauty of this customisation.

In this home screen customisation used Android 12 widget clock and Google search bar with manual custom colour combination with some easy tricks and default application arrange with wallpaper which are looks very good.

Requirements :

To customise your Android smartphone like this design then definitely you need to have some Android apps which can help you to customise your Android home screen.

This all apps are available on playstore also I will provide you redirection link of Google Play Store below. So that is very easy for you to click directly from here and easily you can install all the requirement application.

Also here are available a backup file and I will provide wallpaper and one click setup backup file below as a compress format. Just you need to click on backup file download button and you can easily download it and apply with one click.

Launcher – Download

Backup File – Download

Widget Pack – Download

Icon Pack – Download

Process :

Now let’s talk about what you have to do for apply this customisation properly like this picture. So first of all you need to install all the requirement files and apps in your mobile.

Then you need to open Nova launcher for restore this backup file and go to back up option from settings and restore the provided backup file from your download folder.

After that set the provided wallpaper in your home screen and then click on widget button the widget automatically activate just click on continue and create button.

Then you can see in the bottom area Google search bar just click on the bar and press create button its automatically customise same design.

Now the last one are icon pack which is most important to look complete of the setup so just open the icon pack application and set up with Nova launcher and your custom setup are ready.

Thank you so much for read completely that’s all for today.

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