Android Timer Lock Screen With New Setting

Introduction :

Hello friends today I will show you a lock screen which is working depend on your mobile timing in real time.
And definitely you can’t unlock it easily if you don’t know about this because this setting is very awesome.
I hope you enjoy this setting definitely and this is absolutely new in Android smartphone.
So let’s start and I will show you all the points in this post.

If your mobile password by mistake know anyone then don’t tension.
This person are cannot unlock your smartphone.
Because this person are did not know about this setting and your password setting.
So I will tell you all the settings and how you can turn on in your smartphone I will tell you all the points.

But please read carefully all the options because this setting is very awesome but some difficult.
So you want to complete the setting and turn on this feature then you have to complete doing all the settings in your smartphone.
Otherwise it is does not work properly.
It’s does not matter which company smartphone are you using.
This feature is absolutely work fine in every Android smartphone.

Contact :

If you face any issues regarding this option for setting the definitely you can comment below with your doubts.
I will check your comment as soon as possible and reply you and solve your doubts definitely.

If you have any suggestions then also you can put your comment below.
I will also take action with your suggestions and ideas to serve you better in future.
Also you can contact us in our Instagram and Twitter profile if you are contact us directly.
For that you have to visit our YouTube channel and you can get all the details about it.

Now first of all you need to download a small application in your Android smartphone and that it is important to turn on this option.
After that you need to follow all the process and I will provide you all the steps to turn on this feature below in details.
To install the application click on the download button below after 15 seconds.

Procedure :

The first step is you have to install the application.

After that you need to open the application from Google Play Store directly.

Then allow all the options and permissions which is ask from the application to access your lock functionality.

Now turn on your lock screen and turn on the emergency passcode if you forget your password.

Now it’s completed you can enjoy now this option in your smartphone.

Now you can unlock your smartphone to put your recent mobile time.

If you are want to download the application click on the download button above.

Thank you so much.


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