New Camera App In 2021 For Pocket Using

Introduction :

Hello friends so today I will discuss about a new camera application which is you can use your Android smartphone for take photo or video without take your mobile from your pocket.

I like it your mobile is in the pocket on your shirt then it is does not required to take in your hand to click a photo or video. this camera application is automatically worked in the background and take photo and videos and automatically recorded.

So this is very interesting setting if you want to do it in your Android smartphone then definitely you can try this but it is only for work in Android. So let’s start the process.

Contact :

If you have any query or doubts regarding this trick then definitely you can comment below I will check and reply you as soon as possible and try to solve your doubts in the comment option.

Also you can put your suggestions in the comment box I will definitely check and improve our techniques as soon as possible and I will give you try my best in future as your suggestion.

So now you have to install a small application in your Android smartphone the application link is in the download button below in just you have to wait 15 second and you can see the download button after downloading please follow all the process and steps provided in the next paragraph.

Procedure :

To install the application click on the download button above and then you are automatically redirected in Google Play Store just install the application.

Now open the application when the installation process is completed and allow all the permissions to work perfectly in your Android smartphone and this application automatically analyse your Android version to work perfectly.

Now you have to just set schedule or turn on the camera button and lock your smartphone and rest in your pocket. Now this is automatically work and all are recorded in front of the camera.

Well this setting is very useful for vlog purposes or travel and tour purposes this is very useful.

Thank you so much.

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