Latest iOS 12 Launcher Theme In Android Mobile

Introduction :

Hello everyone today I will tell you the latest version of Apple iPhone or iOS 12 Launcher theme which are very awesome and how you can apply in your Android smartphone. You can transfer your Android theme for Android home default launcher to iOS Apple launcher version of IOS 12 within a second to setup simple steps.

This launcher are looking very awesome and completely transfer to Apple iPhone theme which are the latest version of Apple smartphone. All the settings home screen and lockscreen all are designed transferred from Android theme to Apple launcher.

Also changed all the application icons from Android to iPhone icon pack completely. So today I will tell you all the details how you can apply in your smartphone also this theme because it is very interesting.

So I will tell you all the steps and process how you can do it in this article today separately point wise just you have to read carefully completely all the instructions that I am provided.

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As soon as possible I will check your comment and try to reply you or try to help or solve your doubts and help to complete all the settings regarding your queries.

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So first of all you have to download this application just click on the download button below.

The download button is activate after 15 seconds so you just you have to wait for the 15 second and you can see the download button.

After click on the download button follow all the instructions which I am provided below.

Procedure :

Click on the download button to install the application from Google Play Store after 15 seconds and click on the open button after completed the installation process.

After opening this application allow all the permissions and all the notifications turn on also you have to allow permission for accessibility to change the mobile theme to iOS.

Now you can customise is your choice some settings which are very awesome and it can help to do more design or customise all the themes and icons and also lock screen theme.

After that you can get a pop up window to select default launcher for your mobile phone just you have to allow this permission and you can easily enjoy your mobile theme as a iOS version because after that it’s are completely changed to Apple iPhone iOS.

Definitely you like it I hope thank you so much for today.

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