How To Customise Android Homescreen

Introduction :

Hello friends today I will tell you how you can customise your Android smartphone home screen properly. I will suggest you all the process for how you can properly customise your smartphone home screen.

Well this set up are really very popular because here you can see many type of advanced options which are looks like premium smartphones where you can see like this type of interface but today I will tell you how you can apply in your smartphone.

Also here you can see new design widgets for clock, date and many type of extra options which are available on every mobile. Also you need to setup a new icon pack which are change your default icon setup to custom icon size, style and logo also.

Requirements :

So now let’s talk about requirement that what you need to install and download files to customise this type of set up in your Android home screen. All files are I will provided below just follow the requirement process and then I will tell you how you can set up like same.

So first of all you need to install android launcher which is Nova launcher and this theme are really very popular for customisation and many type of manual customise options included here.

After that you need to install widget maker which are edit your widget and you need to download widget pack for customise this type of same design widget.

And the last one install an icon pack for customise your icon shape and logo designs which are changed the interface of your home screen and drawer for all the applications.

Launcher – Download

Backup File – Download

Widget Maker – Download

Widget Pack – Download

Icon Pack – Download

Wallpaper – Download

Process :

The first step is install the theme launcher to click on the download button above.
After installation process open it and set as a default launcher in your smartphone.

Now install the both apps which are called widget maker and widget pack for customise your widgets in your mobile.

Now the last one is icon pack which is you have to install this because it can help to change all the icon shape background and logo for looks different like this picture.

And the final step is download the backup file for free customised theme setup which I am provided you for one click setup of this theme launcher.

Now that’s all you can set up widget easily to using this widget customise app. And also you can change the icon shape from the launcher setting easily.

That’s all my friends thank you so much for today definitely I will catch you in the next one.

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