How To Set Led Notification Light Indicator In Amoled Style

Introduction :

Hi everyone today I will discuss a latest notification light we get for any emulator display smartphone supported.
if when someone send you any message or you are received any notification about related any topic.
then automatically blink a LED light indicator in your mobile lock screen.

This lock screen LED indicator notification is looked very awesome and it is impressive definitely you like it.
when the message is received from the Android smartphone then automatically blink this LED indicator in your lock screen continuously for a few seconds.
and when someone look your lockscreen then definitely he will ask you about this setting definitely.

Now today I will tell you all the steps and procedure to apply this setting in your Android smartphone.
Just you have to properly apply in your smartphone and after that it is turned on.
Just you have to select from which application are you want to notification like this type of style.
Then automatically is set for all the notifications from this targeted application you can see the notification light.

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To apply this setting you need to install an application in your mobile.
The application link I will provide below in the download button.
You have to just wait for the 15 second and when the timer is stopped and you can see a download button.
just click on the button and follow all the process all the options provided in next paragraph.

Procedure :

Install the application click on the download button.

You are automatically redirected in Google Play Store.

Click on the install button and open this application in your Android smartphone.

Allow all the permissions and give access permission for notification of this application

Select your LED light logo indicator as your choice from the drop down list.

Choose your logo size which is indicating any notification in your lock screen.

Select the position of this logo or indicator light as your choice.

Now turn on the notification and its are working in future if you receive any notification then the notification LED light is blinking on your lock screen.

That’s all friends thank you so much.

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